About Us

SISU Hospital - A State of Art Clinic in Salem will provide the expertise and most sophisicated and up-to-date fertility techniques. With over 10 years of combined experience, the physicians of our clinic are among the most recognized leaders in the treatment of Infertility. Through our assisted reproduction treatments from our clinic, many babies have been born to date.

Dr.S.Uma Bharathi

Complete Women Care Surgeon, Senior Fertility Consultant, Senior Scopic Surgeon

Dr.S.Uma Bharathi is an obstetrician and Gyecologist specialist in fertility treatments and scopic surgeries. She had her training not only in India, also in most of the European Countries.She had completed her Master degree in UK and India.

Apart from her excellent teaching in medical field, she had done research work in the field of Infertility.

Her Special Interests:
  • Infertility and assited Conception(IVF,ICSI etc.,)
  • High Risk Pregnency and Antenatal Care
  • Laproscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery
  • Gynecological Screening and Menstrual Disorder
  • NDVH & TLH
  • Harmonal Disorders
  • Customizing Robotic Surgeries in the field of ART

Success Rate
With Combined Experience in Research and Practice, Dr.S.Umabharathi is among the most recogonised leaders in the treatment of infertility and when coupled with the use of the latest technology, state of the art clinical equipment, and a dedicated caring staff, our goal is the same as yours - a happy, healthy baby with affordable cost.

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